Thursday, April 4, 2013

B-1Bs practicing to pound North Korea - and on their way to Guam.

I intercepted an interesting communication off a military satellite (most likely UFO) yesterday.

 A B-1B (SLAM ONE) was training to hit a "missile facility"possibly a practice run for a mission in the DPRK - but with a school bus depot in Snyder, Texas standing in for the real thing.

Here's the recorded audio snippet:

You can ascertain the coordinates for Snyder, Texas from the audio.

Here's a link to those coordinates on Google Maps:

The B-1 was  from Ellsworth AFB  and practice-bombed (no real ordinance was expended) a school bus depot (yard) in Snyder, Texas.

Now using a little educated guesstimation based on the look of the yard on Google Maps - the school buses could have been a decent stand-in for mobile missile launchers and the building next to it the "missile maintenance" center.

You'll also notice they mention SA-6 and SA-8 - these are mobile ground-to-air missile launchers similar to this Russian example:


SLAM ONE was cleared to use 2000 lb GBU 3 JDAMS to take out the hypothetical target.

All communications were made in the clear. 


Late last night I monitored "DARK" flight of seven on PRIME (311.000 MHZ STRATCOM PRIMARY) asking for current weather for UAM. 

On the frequency of 251.100 Mhz DARK flight also was calling for "GASSR 11 and GASSR 12" (KC-135s)  for "Tanker drag to BAB." BAB is Beal AFB in California.

PS:  A source in Oklahoma says Tinker AFB just sent 2 E-6 Mercury aircraft up. The controller remarked on their departure:  "Be safe and see you back in a few weeks. Come back in one piece!"

-Steve Douglass

UPDATE" "USPAF: US Not sending B-1s to Guam."

PPS: You can listen in to the heavy iron flying westward on the live radio feed at the top of this page.

Please note: There are two receivers on the feed - civil and military ATC communications. Sometimes you'll hear an overlap. 

My monitoring post 



NevadaDon said...

Thanks for sharing Steve. This is all really interesting and a bit scary too. The things you share are very helpful in trying to figure out what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Wow you picked up on something big here I think. Clearly the US wasn't happy to see N. Korea acquire mobile launchers. If there is any provocation from them then I am sure the mobile's are a top priority to take out, even in a limited response situation.

Anonymous said...

My son is with VQ-3 out of Tinker. They are out and back all the time.


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