Friday, August 28, 2009

Navy E-6

There was also a NAVY E-6 (from Tinker) in the local pattern doing touch and gos today.

Harriers just passing through

I got a tip from a buddy of mine that some Marine Corp AV-8B Harriers were going to be dropping in and spending the night in Amarillo, so (being the aircraft buff I am) swung out to the airport and shot a few photos as they came in. I thing there was 11 total. If you are interested in seeing them yourself, be out at the airport and watch them leave ( sunrise -ish) and net some photos of these amazing aircraft yourself.

-Steve Douglass

Al Qaeda video urges militant support

Al Qaeda video urges militant support: "Al Qaeda's second-in-command called on Pakistanis to back Islamic militants in the country's tribal areas against what he called an ongoing assault by American 'crusaders' and the Pakistani army.




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