Friday, May 28, 2010

The Interceptors Club now on Smashwords!

Dear friends and family,

My book, The Interceptors Club and the Secret of the Black Manta, was published today as a multi-format ebook at Smashwords. I hope you'll take time to check it out at Smashwords, where you can sample the first 20% of the book for free.

Smashwords is the first step to getting my book published for the new Apple I-Pad and if it takes off - hopefully into print.

Here's the link to my Smashwords author profile:
Here's the link to my book page, where you can sample or purchase the book:

Here is the site I created that will tell you much more about my book:

Please help me spread the word. Won't you take a moment to forward this email to everyone you know, and ask them to do the same?

Thank you for your support!

Steve Douglass


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