Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Is the B-21 program further along that they claim? Raider patches being sold on E-bay!

From time to time I check EBay for interesting military patches, especially those related to black projects. EBay is the last place you'd think of  to look for information coming out of the Black World, but you'd be surprised what people attached to secret programs sell there.

Many years ago a desk model of a purposed  Northrop FB-23 Bomber was sold way before the program was acknowledged.

Today this patch (see above photo) was found listed for $31 (previously $15) - a B-21 Raider Combined Test Force Patch. Although it's authenticity hasn't been established it looks like most combined test force patches such as during the B-2 program.

Since these patches are usually only worn by those working on the program could this indicate the B-21 is farther along in development than we think?

According to recent press (READ MORE HERE) the B-21 is only now officially moving to Edwards AFB in California - however (speculation to follow) it may be that key components or even sub scale manned aircraft may have already flown at Area 51.
This may account for the sightings by myself and others of an unidentified aircraft over Texas several years ago. LINK

Adorned with a spooky spectral hooded figure  and springing out of it is an aircraft that looks a lot like the B-21 renderings that have been seen so far.

Under B-21 the Latin word "Praenuntius" loosely translated means harbinger of death.

The number is 17 is represented in Roman numerals under what looks like a Raven. The symbolic meaning of the Raven and number are not known at this time but are often featured on patches that come out of the Black World.

Just this last week Lockheed revealed at the Los Angeles County Airshow - a previously classified drone known as the X-44. On it's side was a decal that laid to to rest the origin and meaning of a "secret" patch and challenge coin that has been been popping up for auction many times on EBay.

By the way "INDIGO DELTA KILO" is code for "I Don't Know. The Latin phrase Pottus est melius quam sattsbene" translated means "Making something better than just good enough.

-Steve Douglass

AFRL video "Call For Action' showcases laser armed future fighters, drone swarms and EMP weapons.


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