Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Burn before watching ...

The Interceptors Club - for free!

For those of you who missed the last give-away of my e-book "The Interceptors Club & The Secret of the Black Manta" here's another chance to download it for free.

My reason? I need some more reviews! My intent is to write two sequels that climax at Area 51.

I can't do that unless I get this one published in hard back form.

Last freebie day - over 80 downloaded the book but only a half a dozen left reviews.

I have a publisher on the hook - but he requires more proof that this subject has mass appeal.

I pointed out that the Annie Jacobsen book has (despite the massive flaws) has become a best seller and (although classified as fiction) mine contains more truth than her book.

So - for a limited time (until June 25th) you can download the book for free (in many formats) at Smashwords. You don't have to an e-reader to read it.

If you decide to read and review - keep in mind - this IS an early draft and is being edited as I type this. I need reviews about the story line and characters - not comments on typos, errors or formatting problems.

Those are being fixed.

Important: When checking out at SMASHWORDS use the coupon code:
HS59T and there will be no charge.

So what's it about? Follow this LINK.

If you have seen Super Eight - it is similar - but mine doesn't end up being a monster movie or have anything to do with aliens (and INMHO) would make a much better movie.

I hope you enjoy it and will leave me a review. Once the edited version is published (soon) you'll be able to download that version for free as well.

Please feel free to pass the coupon on to ANYONE you think might be interested in a good read and don't forget to like on twitter or facebook!

Smashwords link to the book: LINK

- Steve Douglass


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