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U.S. Navy Receives Final Former-Swiss F-5 Tiger

U.S. Navy Receives Final Former-Swiss F-5 Tiger: "

The U.S. Navy today received the 44th and final former Swiss F-5 Tiger aircraft under its Navy F-5 Acquisition/Re-capitalization Program.

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Northrop Grumman F-5 Integrated Product Team Lead Mike Ingalls addresses U.S. Navy officials and Northrop Grumman employees at the acceptance ceremony of the 44th F-5 Tiger modified by the company in St. Augustine, Fla. [Photo credit: Northrop Grumman]

Northrop Grumman carried out the work, modifying 44 Swiss Air Force aircraft into 41 F-5N single-seat aircraft and three F-5F two-seat trainers for the Navy.

Converting the three single-cockpit Swiss aircraft into two-seat trainers was a highlight of the effort, according to Rick Matthews, Northrop Grumman VP of East Coast production operations and site manager of its St. Augustine facility.

'This conversion replaced the F-5E forward fuselage with a refurbished F-5F forward fuselage at the basic manufacturing attachment assembly point,' he said. 'It was a monumental task completed by outstanding craftsmen and women.'

The 44th and final aircraft, shown below, is an F-5N, tail number 761550, that was built 33 years ago by Northrop Grumman and put into service for the Swiss Air Force. The upgraded aircraft will serve as an adversary trainer for U.S. Navy aviators.

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[Photo credit: Northrop Grumman]


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V-22 Faces Mission Capable Rates Issues

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