Sunday, January 31, 2016

Japan has a stealth fighter ...

x-2ReutersA prototype of the first Japan-made stealth fighter is pictured at a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' factory in Toyoyama town, Aichi Prefecture, central Japan, January 28, 2016. Picture taken January 28, 2016.
On Thursday, Japan joined the US, Russia, and China as one of the only countries to produce its own fifth-generation stealth fighter.
Japan's X-2 stealth fighter prototype is the country's answer to the American made fifth-generation F-35 Lightning II, Russia's T-50, and China's J-20.
The X-2 also called the "Shinshin" which translates to "Spirit of the Heart," has been in development for over a decade costing Japan a cool $294 million ( 2.3 billion yen).


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