Monday, August 22, 2011

Breaking: Gaddafi has lost Libya.

ABC NEWS: After 42 years, the dictator Colonel Moamar Gaddafi has lost power in Libya.

Most of Libya's capital city is now under rebel control. In the early hours of this morning Australian time, rebel troops swept into Gaddafi's last bastion, Tripoli.

His spokesman had warned that 65,000 troops would defend the city but if they were there they seem to have melted away.

Instead of resistance a camera crew from Britain's Sky News filmed thousands of Tripoli citizens celebrating in the central Green Square.

It's not clear where Colonel Gaddafi is though the Washington Post says he's left the capital but is still in Libya.

It's six months since the rebellion broke out in the east, in the second city of Benghazi.

Intense gunfire can and battles are reported in Tripoli - with reports of 95% of the city under control of rebel forces. There are reports that Gaddafi has left Tripoli but his whereabouts are unknown.


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