Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Ohio man sentenced after 'top secret' Air Force documents found in home

WHO TV 7 DAYTON — A Fairborn man who pleaded guilty earlier this year to charges of illegally taking thousands of pages of classified documents from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, was sentenced to prison Tuesday, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

>>PREVIOUS REPORT: Over 1,000 top secret Air Force documents found at Fairborn home; FBI investigating

Izaak Kemp, 36, pleaded guilty in February to federal charges. He was sentenced to one year and one day in prison for illegally taking about 2,500 pages of classified documents he got while working as a contractor at WPAFB, a DOJ spokesperson said in a media release.

Kemp worked as a contractor for the Air Force Research Laboratory between 2016 and 2019 and later worked for the National Air and Space Intelligence Center and had “Top Secret” security clearance.

“Despite having training on various occasions on how to safeguard classified material, Kemp took 112 classified documents and retained them at his home,” the DOJ spokesperson said.

During a May 2019 search warrant at Kemp’s Fairborn home, those documents containing thousands of pages of material classified on the “secret” level were found, the spokesperson said.

Kemp was initially under investigation by Fairborn police for allegedly growing marijuana at the home, which resulted in several plants being seized during the 2019 search as well.

The case escalated to the FBI when investigators discovered the documents, which they say were “related to Top Secret Special Access Programs” and were “clearly marked as classified.”

Such files are deemed so sensitive they require additional security beyond what’s normally provided for classified files and should only be stored in segregated, highly protected environments.

It has not been revealed in previous reports what was contained in the files.

Previously, Wright-Patt representatives said Kemp was never authorized to take the documents from NASIC and that he would have to bypass security checkpoints to get them out of the office.

Mystery stealthy aircraft shape captured on video at Lockheed's Helendale facility

Could this be the next secret stealth aircraft? Video of what possibly looks like an advanced stealthy flying body has been circulating on social media platforms today. 

The video (possibly taken by a construction worker) has black-project sleuth tongues wagging as it looks very much like artist rendering of the NGAD concept.

The video was discovered on TikTok by OSINT researcher Ruben Hofs and you can see it HERE. 

video frame grab 


The Air Force’s secretive Next-Generation Air Dominance program is progressing according to plan, a top acquisition official said Sept. 21. 

The NGAD program is expected to yield a family of systems — to potentially include a sixth-generation fighter jet and drones — that would give the U.S. military an edge against advanced adversaries.

During the Air Force Association’s Air-Space-Cyber conference in 2020, then-Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, Will Roper made headlines when he revealed that the service had already started flying a full-scale flight demonstrator for the effort. However, the service has remained tight-lipped about the project.

“NGAD is not one [of the Air Force’s programs] where I'm able to share a lot of details,” Lt. Gen. Duke Richardson, military deputy in the office of the assistant secretary of the Air Force for AT&L, said during a meeting with reporters at this year’s Air-Space-Cyber confab in National Harbor, Maryland. “I will just tell you that it is progressing per plan. … There’s just so much of it that’s not able to be discussed in an open forum.”

Richardson declined to discuss recent test flights, identify the contractors involved in the project, or say when the service plans to begin fielding NGAD platforms.


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