Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Space Shuttle/ ISS pass video.

Tonight just before 7:30 we had a fly over of the Space Shuttle/International Space Station. I shot some (a bit shaky) video of it as it flew from the SW to the N.

It didn't fly directly over Amarillo (skirted it to the West) so it wasn't the best sighting opportunity. There is another one tomorrow evening and an even better on on Thursday.

I'll keep those interested advised.

Although I've seen it several times, every time I see a pass it's a thrill. To most of the populace, space travel seems mundane, but never for me.

I remember when I was just a wee-sprout and Dad taking us to Columbus, Ohio to watch a parade honoring astronaut John Glenn, not to mention watching man first set foot on the moon in July of 1969 on TV. I guess I've been bitten by the space bug ever since.

Since then I've intercepted communications (on a regular basis) space shuttle communications and even photographed the tragic demise of Columbia, but I've never seen a shuttle up close.

Needless to say, a year ago, I was extremely irked when the NASA 747 that transports the shuttle (on its back) landed in Amarillo to refuel (with shuttle in tow) and I missed it because I was out of pocket.

When I came home and everyone told me about it and then I saw the news video footage, I was kicking myself for weeks. Me - Mr. Communications, missed it, didn't even hear about it until it was all over.

In any event, to witness a space shuttle launch is on my bucket list - I just hope it keeps flying long enough until I can afford to fly down to Florida and see it.

U.S. man admits aiding China space program

U.S. man admits aiding China space program: "A Chinese-born U.S. physicist and businessman pleaded guilty Monday to bribing Chinese space program officials and illegally providing U.S. space launch data to the Beijing government.


(Via CNN.com.)


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