Saturday, April 19, 2014

Kansas Mystery Aircraft analyzed

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I spent a few hours analyzing the raw Kansas mystery plane image and this is the result:

It's almost a pure triangle with the back edge slightly angled in to the apex - almost kite shaped.

The images are real and haven't been manipulated because the pixel structure is intact.

Try as I might I can't discern the standard saw-tooth trailing edge of a B-2.

My opinion - and from looking at the other raw images is;
These are photos of triangular shaped aircraft flying almost directly overhead with just a slightly offset angle. It isn't a kite (as some have suggested) and it is leaving a very real contrail.

However, there is one thing that bugs me - and it's the EXIF data. Each image was shot within minutes of each other, but there is one anomaly that only the photographer can address.

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In the TV interview the photographer says he shot the photos in February but the EXIF data shows they were shot on April, 15th. It could be simply explained away as he set the wrong date in his camera when he initially set it up.

However, if they were indeed shot on April 15th, I'd like to know why the photographer claimed otherwise.

Stay tuned!

-Steve Douglass

UPDATE: Found this on GIZMODO

>I'm the photographer. The photo was taken April 16, 2014, at sunset, over Wichita Ks. The reporter that originally did the story on a news channel here put the February date out there and I have no idea why. I gave the station the date in the email with the photo. There is no way to determine the altitude or size. Another website "enhanced" the object to the color green to try and show its shape. It's NOT green. The photo was taken through a hand-held 400mm Canon lens that was maxed-out and through a thin layer of clouds. It was also severely cropped to enlarge it which caused some pretty severe "noise" in the photo. While the S turn was impressive, I don't believe it was so fast that anyone on board would have experienced excessive G's. Just wanted to set the record straight.<


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