Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gotta reads: "The Permit" - By Bill Scott

The best way to get the truth out is sometimes through thinly veiled fiction:

A Department of Homeland Security intelligence team has identified a new, incredibly dangerous terrorist cabal. It’s the most grave domestic threat to national security the U.S. has faced since nine-eleven. In the past decade, it has killed more Americans than al Qaeda murdered on nine-eleven.

These terrorists are deeply entrenched in our society. They look like us, talk like us, live in our neighborhoods and, for the most part, pass for respected citizens. But they are killing Americans throughout this great country—and becoming more powerful every day.
Their code name is INDIGO.

Checkmate, a covert counterterrorism squad, has the advanced-technology weapons and agents to neutralize INDIGO, but very little time to do so. If Checkmate fails, America will erupt in armed rebellion. 

"The Permit" is based on actual events associated with the murder of my son, Erik B. Scott, on July 10, 2010. A decorated Army officer and West Point graduate with an MBA from Duke University, Erik was the epitome of success. This video describes how Erik fell victim to a perfect storm of fear, arrogance and a trigger-happy fool. The subsequent cover-up of his murder defies belief—but it happened." 

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