Thursday, March 26, 2009

Secrecy surrounds F-22 crash.

Edwards F-22 Pilot Did Not Eject: "Some senior U.S. Air Force officials were notified yesterday that there was no pilot ejection from the F-22 that crashed near Edwards AFB Base.

The Lockheed Martin pilot was declared dead at the hospital which seemed to indicate he was killed after ejection, but officials at Edwards said that statement was simply a pro forma statement for the investigation. USAF officials said the report of no ejection came soon after the crash, but almost immediately a complete security blanket was dropped over the investigation and no more data has been revealed.

(Via Defense Channel.)

Clinton: N. Korea rocket is 'provocative'

Clinton: N. Korea rocket is 'provocative': "North Korea has positioned what is believed to be a long-range ballistic missile on its launch pad, a U.S. counter-proliferation official said on Wednesday.



N. Korea defends right to 'explore space'

N. Korea defends right to 'explore space': "North Korea defended Thursday its right to explore outer space after reports that a rocket, believed by the United States to be a long-range missile, had been positioned on its launch pad.




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