Saturday, September 27, 2008

No its not a UFO.

What it is - is a NASA high altitude instrument package flying ( as I write this ) somewhere just north east of Plainview. After sunset it will glow bright like a star and undoubtedly (like it does every time) prompt dozens of UFO reports.

What alerted me to the balloon were some military pilots chatting it up on their radios. They also said it was bound to spur UFO reports "Just like Stephenville" one pilot reported.

Special thanks to Dale Stanton took this photo with his long telephoto lens from SE Amarillo. The balloon is flying above 100,000 feet and at a speed of 22 kts. To track the balloon in real time visit the link to the right.

-Steve Douglass

Update: Dale Stanton shot additional photos just after sunset showing it glowing after dark.


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