Friday, January 2, 2009

The Whoosh!

I shot these this morning while I was out trying to capture some sunrise photos from the balcony of my apartment complex in Amarillo. It was moving very fast and high. No sound or booms were heard and no radio traffic concerning what i called "the whoosh" were recorded.

Whatever it was it was a high fast mover. Enlargement shows a small dark non-cruciform object leaving the contrail.

Camera: Canon Pro-1 8 MP

Traveled from SE to NW across the horizon in about five minutes.

I'll post more images later.

-Steve Douglass

Images (C) Steve Douglass and require permission for reproduction.


Another frame:

Enlargement - no enhancement:

Enhanced contrast:

Another photo I took with my Nikon D-70s 6.2MP and a wider lens showing relative scale and position in the sky.

Enhanced and enlarged frame:

Enhanced & enlarged color removed/contrast enhancement:

Comparison photo of jet contrail taken hours later from same viewpoint.
Note: According to my aircraft radio, this aircraft was identified as Southwest Airlines carrier flying at 33K.

(C) Steve Douglass


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