Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Holloman F-22 damaged during live fire mission at WSMR

Holloman AFB, New Mexico:

An F-22 declared an in-flight emergency due to a weapons malfunction on the White Sands Missile Range today at approximately 5:30 MDT.

Sources on the scene report "BOOMER 1" radioed Holloman AFB tower declaring an IFE and that the $142 million stealth aircraft had sustained physical damage due to a "weapons malfunction."

 Fire and EOD equipment met the aircraft which landed without incident.

Minutes later a 2nd F-22 also declared an emergency (reason unknown) but also landed without incident. 

'Holloman AFB is host to the 7th Fighter Squadron (F-22s) that was originally scheduled to be moved to Tyndall, AFB Florida.

 However  the corresponding transfer of F-16 Fighting Falcons from Luke Air Force Base, Ariz. to Holloman will be delayed due to an ongoing freeze on Air Force structure changes, including aircraft transfers.

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