Monday, June 29, 2009

USMC: GAO V-22 Report Misses The Mark

USMC: GAO V-22 Report Misses The Mark: "'The Osprey's performance in Iraq proved to us that it is safer, faster and can range farther than any helicopter'"

(Via Aerospace Daily & Defense Report on

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Anonymous said...

the GAO report on the Osprey miss a very important point. The Osprey does not yet have a depot. When
an aircraft type has set up a depot system and one goes in for depot maintenance it is removed from the books that are used to calculate readiness. When a type has not yet got a depot and one is down for depot maintenance, it remains on the books in the rediness equation. My understanding is when this is taken into Ccount the V-22 has about the same record as all the rest of the rotorcraft in theater. This is good news considering the newness of it in deployment.
Many more hours are put on aircraft before they reach their projected level of readiness. The V-22 is off to a good start.


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