Thursday, June 30, 2011

What you need to know about the NextGen bomber

Unclassified Facts on the Air Force Penetrating Bomber
Amy Butler - AVWEEK

Provide industry executives the unclassified facts on the new penetrating bomber program.

- Based on Secretary of Defense direction, the Air Force (AF) is developing a new penetrating bomber.
- The new penetrating bomber will be a component of the joint portfolio of conventional deep-strike capabilities.
- The new penetrating bomber will be highly survivable, nuclear capable, and designed to accommodate manned or unmanned operations
- The new penetrating bomber will be able to employ a broad mix of stand-off and direct-attack munitions.
- The total annual budget by appropriation (i.e., RDT&E, Production) is unclassified.
- The Air Force plans to deliver the initial capability in the mid-2020s.
- The new program will leverage mature technologies and constrain requirements based on affordability
- The new program will focus on affordability: unit cost target set to inform design/requirement trades and ensure sufficient inventory.
- The Air Force is projecting to build a fleet of 80-100 aircraft.
- The new program will employ enhanced security measures and be protected by a Special Access Program.
- All other details are classified to protect operational advantages and the nation's investment in critical technologies and capabilities.
- For further information, contact the Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO) or the Program Security Officer (PSO)

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