Saturday, December 25, 2010

China's new stealth fighter - the Chengdu J-20 a fabulous fake?


A photo of China's new stealth fighter - the Chengdu J-20 (NATO Firefang) started popping up on internet aviation forums today. The source is unknown.

I find it very interesting that it almost matches publicly released artist's renderings in angle and lighting.

In any event, the illustration gives a better view of what the pixelated photo doesn't.

So is it the real deal? Have the Chinese cracked the code for stealth technology - or is the J-20 all show and no go?

I'm sure the Pentagon is wondering just that.

-Steve Douglass


Anonymous said...

Feeling envy eh? That "artist's rendering" is based on the photo below it. You put des carts before the horse!
There's a clearer picture today, go look.

Steve Douglass said...
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Steve Douglass said...

Envy? Not really - I was just wondering - which came first the chicken or the egg. Now I know. The illustration ranked higher in the search engines.

One observation - the exhaust doesn't look at stealthy as the F-22 - very F-14 like - but I guess the Chinese aren't too worried about rear-aspect IR stealth.

What also remains to be seen is if this aircraft is just an F-22 look-alike or it is indeed a LO planform.

-Steve Douglass

Anonymous said...

the hand drawing was based on the nano-pictures leaked out a few days ago

Anonymous said...

The Chinese have a stealth technology since 1999. Shortly after knock down the F-117, Serbia gave the airplane parts to the Russians and Chinese. Bravo for the Chinese. Greetings from Serbia. We see the "invisible".

Anonymous said...

Can you confirm the NATO-codename Firefang? What is your source?



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