Saturday, April 12, 2014

It's baaaaacck - Skyquakes rocking California.

Was that an earthquake, or an ordinary sonic boom, that rattled Southern California on Wednesday afternoon — or was it the return of Aurora, the nation’s long-rumored, never-confirmed, some-say-mythological super-secret, super-fast spy plane?
Whew. Steady now, X-Files folks.

First, here’s what The Times reported: About 1 p.m. Wednesday, folks from Malibu to Orange County felt what many assumed was an earthquake. For example, Scott Conner, who lives in Malibu, said the shaking was so intense that it almost toppled one of his computer monitors. “I thought it was the biggest quake I’ve ever been in…. This thing was big, big,” he said. “The whole house just lifted.”
Nope, said famed Caltech seismologist Kate Hutton. No earthquakes were reported in the area during that time. “It’s not an earthquake. It’s probably an offshore sonic boom,” Hutton said.

Correct, said the Navy, which confirmed that an aircraft flew faster than the speed of sound as part of an exercise with the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan about 50 miles off the coast.
Not so fast, said Malibu’s Conner, sticking to his quake story: “I’ve been around air force bases. I know what sonic booms are. There was no boom either,” Conner said.

Which is where I come in, me and my theory: Call it “the Aurora Anomaly” (I don’t know why, it just sounds cool).

READ THE REST HERE:,0,1377864.story#ixzz2ynImnMw2


Gerald said...

Hey Steve!

Why is the article in the link dated "Thu, 05 Mar 2009 18:32 CST"??


Anonymous said...

This would seem an opportune time (given world developments) to have cameras at the ready to photograph things in the sky whether they're known or not. Just to be prepared. Maybe even get one of those teleconverter deals for a dslr. You lose F-stops but in the right conditions it doubles your lens power. Might be worth it when something interesting flies over. Sure seems like something interesting is going on up there.

Anonymous said...

I got in to scanning because of what I read on your blog. But I am worried about all these sightings. If they are at home and parked, world calm. If they are airborne in orbits about CONUS, maybe the alert level has been raised a little due to Putin and his endevours. Just a thought.


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