Wednesday, December 14, 2011

RQ-170 crashed due to technical glitch - but Iran still - blah-blah-BSing.

The war of words between Iran and the U.S. over the RQ-170 Sentinel continues. On Tuesday U.S. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers denied Iran’s claim that it had shot down the UAV.

“I will say without hesitation that this is not something that anyone had anything to do with coming down with, other than a technical problem,” said Rogers. “There was a technical problem that was our problem, nobody else’s problem. I think there’s a lot of PR (public relations) going on.”
“These things are not infallible,” he added.

Meanwhile, Iran says it will reverse-engineer the UAV.

“Our next action will be to reverse-engineer the aircraft,” Parviz Sorouri, head of Iran’s parliamentary national security committee said. “In the near future, we will be able to mass produce it…. Iranian engineers will soon build an aircraft superior to the American (UAV) using reverse-engineering.”

Iran claims a Revolutionary Guards cyber-warfare unit hacked the aircraft’s flight controls, bringing it down.

U.S. officials are skeptical that Iran will be able to reverse-engineer the UAV itself but are concerned that might be done with the help of Russia or China.

But Sorouri said Iran is “in the final stages of cracking (the UAV’s) code.”

“We will acquire valuable intelligence through deciphering the Americans’ covert intelligence and espionage methods once the code is cracked,” he added.

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