Thursday, December 8, 2011

Comparison photo shows downed RQ-170 matches "Beast of Kandahar"

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Speculation among experts are split on the purported video of the UAV in Iran's possession - may be a model - a mock-up or a fake.

I think it's the real thing.

Marks on the fuselage match those in photos of the UAV that have been in wide circulation since 2010.

I think I'll do some more enhancement work on the video and stills and post the results soon - but for now ... I think it's the real deal.

-Steve Douglass

Note: Looking at higher rez-video shown on TV news programs show lots more detail and it's clear it's a real RQ-170 - although it does look like it was pieced together after crashing. The video does not show any proof the Iranians shot down the craft.

-Steve Douglass

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