Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Small Texas helicopter company wins study project for UH-60 follow-on.

Is this the next Blackhawk?

AVX Aircraft Company has been awarded a contract by the US Army to conduct Configuration Trades Analysis (CTA) studies for the Joint Multi Role helicopter program.

The approximately $4 million contract, awarded by the U.S. Army Aviation Applied Technology Directorate of The Research, Development and Engineering Command located in Fort Eustis, Virginia, calls for AVX Aircraft Company to conduct studies that define an objective aircraft that represents an affordable, technically feasible aircraft design that meets a provided set of performance attributes.

According to AVXs' web site: "AVX Technology can be used to modify existing fleets of helicopters at a very low cost, and can be used to design and manufacture completely new helicopters. In both cases, AVX Technology combines proven technologies to achieve greater aerodynamic efficiency, speed, range, fuel efficiency, HOGE, utility and the ability to operate at higher altitudes and in hotter temperatures than conventional helicopters.

The key technical features of the configuration are Counter Rotating Coaxial Rotors and Dual Ducted Fans. AVX is working on several new aircraft programs including the U.S. Army Joint Multi Role helicopter under a CTA contract with the U.S. Army."


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