Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mirage fighter colides with Lithuanian jet trainer

(CNN) -- A French Mirage 2000 jet fighter collided with a Lithuanian plane during a training mission Tuesday in Lithuania, the French Defense Ministry said.

No one was hurt during the training exercise at an air force base in Siauliai, Northern Lithuania, military officials from both countries said.

Two French jet fighters and and a Lithuanian jet trainer were in the air when one of the jet fighters collided with the Lithuanian plane, officials said.
Both pilots of the Lithuanian L-39 Albatross ejected and are safe. Their plane crashed.
The French jet landed, Lithuanian officials said.

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Russ said...

Steve Take a close look at your 2nd photo. there appears to be an exact shadow in the clouds the same shape as the object. When I zoom up the image I see a "pointy nose" at about 8 oclock on the object much like a nose in front of a delta wing. The clouds are cirrus cloud which means they could be between 25K Ft and 45kFt. Looking at the size of the shadow vs. the object it would appear they are not that far apart, taking the angle of the sun into consideration. Ssomeone who could apply some basic geometry could figure out how big the object actually is. I would say it might be worth keeping a sharp eye on this area of the sky because if the object was there once it probably has been there before on test flights and thus may be there again. Maybe this is the Northup stealth surveillence "blimp"? Arjay


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