Friday, April 1, 2011

The Interceptors Club & Secret Of The Black Manta - for free!

Happy April Fool's - but this is no joke. You can download my e-book free today - as long as you leave me a review. On checkout use the code VD64N and you won't be charged. I have a publisher interested and every download counts. Don't have an e-pub reader! There are plenty of free ones to download and you can also download an adobe pdf version. Enjoy! Free offer expires Sunday.



Anonymous said...

Can this be ordered in physical format too?

Steve Douglass said...

Not yet - but I do have a publisher interested. If it gets enough good reviews it could well wind up in the bookstores.

Steve Douglass said...

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the book. Keep in mind it is an early draft- expect some typos and grammatical errors. It will be re-edited soon by a professional editor. If you choose to leave a review on Smashwords - please center your remarks to the plot itself and not the typos or mistakes.

Once it is re-edited all those who helped will get a new updated free copy.

Jeff Joyce said...

Thanks for the book, I read it over a two day period because it was so engrossing. The climax of the book was amazing. Great job, hope you write many more books that are as good as this one!

Steve Douglass said...

Thanks Jeff. I'm glad you liked it. Please leave me a review on Smashwords when you get a chance. I'm working on two companion books.

Anonymous said...

thanks !


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