Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spying on the spooks ...

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A MC-130 Dragon Spear from Cannon AFB has been "secretly" orbiting over Amarillo tonight.

I couldn't help but notice my apartment complex seemed to be in the center of his orbit - either that or I'm just paranoid.

He was running dark most of the time- but I could hear his engines and were monitoring his communications with Albuquerque Center.

Interesting enough while Ken and I were talking about the aircraft - on cell phones Ken threw in a few keywords " and said , "I wish Obama would bomb Allah at Admiral Ackbar's palace."- as a joke.

We were amazed to see the MC-130s orbit change to include Ken's place who is about seven miles away as the crow flies. I can't help but wonder what the monitoring suite on the aircraft can do.

I cobbled my digital Cannon to my Russian night vision scope and turned the tables on our high flying spy friend and captured a fairly decent snap of a military aircraft flying at night.

Say hello to the rest of the spokes back at Cannon for us!

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Anonymous said...

Since you're in TX you could make use of NAVSPASUR to monitor things flying overhead.

It might help you catch some more pictures like this!!

See http://www.rcallen.com/doppler.htm - the screen captures clearly show airplanes flying overhead and other things (like comets etc).

You just need a radio that can do UHF SSB, and hook it up to a pc (radio output to soundcard in), and fire up some spectrum analysis software.


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