Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Photos of a shovel-nosed (Fastmover) real or fake?

Today in my e-mail someone posted to me a link that he thought I might be interested in. It was concerning a fast-moving black aircraft that has been heard and seen over the British Isles over the last many years.

Although I have been following the sighting reports, sky-quake reports and it is clear that probably some kind of covert high-speed aircraft operating (occasionally) out of the RAF base (now dormant) at Machrihanish Scotland, I am understandably skeptical when someone claims to have actual photos of this elusive bird.

Here's the e-mail I received from (goose) today.

> Dear Mr Douglass,

I have been a visitor to both your old project black website and more recently your Black Horizon website when I found out about it. An hour or two ago I saw a picture posted up on a web forum of a supposed aircraft that a group in England ( And possibly other places) have been following for the last few years. You may have already seen these photos ( Or even have been involved with the group as it sounds like it may have involved people in the States too), in which case apologies for sending this too you. If you haven't, I figured you may be interested in it and would love to hear your opinion on the photos and whether or not you think they are genuine. I have to admit I'm sceptical but keeping an open mind. The top left photo is the one thats adding doubt to my mind for some reason.

First thank you (goose) for visiting my blog and thinking of me when you saw this post HERE.

I'm glad you called it to my attention - and equally glad you are skeptical. Keep in mind (readers) skepticism is healthy doubt - until proven genuine.

As there are many who have been skeptical of my own sightings and photos and videos (and I always invite debate) I too view purported black aircraft photos with reserved judgement until three criteria have been satisfied.

1. Who took the photo and where? /details/time/dates/location/conditions etc ...
2. EXIF data - camera - lens used - ISO - raw images available for analysis
3. Background story ... was their witnesses? Anyone else who can back up the poster's claims? etc ...

There are also (related) three things that (once I delve deeper) that usually immediately throw any image into the "doubtful" column.

1. Was there more than one photo (even if unrelated) taken of the area or of the scene or if the craft in question at or close to the same time - because normally - people usually take more than one photo.

2. If the source is listed as "anonymous - because they don't want to get a visit from the federal authorities" chances are it is fake. As far as I know no one has ever been questioned or imprisoned or even visited by the "men in black" for posting an image of a supposed secret aircraft - because to do so would - well- acknowledge the very existence of said black project.

In fact - three letter agencies just love the postings of fakes, frauds, speculation, sightings and fuzzy images because, A: an enemy intelligence agency is always doubtful of information that comes through official channels and B: the purported rumors and speculation and guestimates about a silver bullet system (if it indeed exists) keep our enemies up at night - wondering just what kind of hyper-super-duper gee-whiz wonder weapon or spy system is capable of doing to them.

As one ex-spook once told me. "Let them loose sleep wondering if the fly on the wall is really a robot equipped with a microphone and a camera or that high-flying red dot is a spysat or an Aurora.? "

And 3 ... three?

Can I duplicate the photo....

That said - I'm fairly sure the photos (especially the one in the left hand corner is bogus.
It meets none of my criteria - and in only ten minutes I was able to create a pretty convincing look-alike using a 3-D rendering of the Space Shuttle I found on Google images.

But don't take my word for it - try it yourself - or if you are the author or poster of the images - contact me and PROVE ME WRONG!

My e-mail is listed at the top of this blog.

Samples to folow - but you'll have to go to this LINK to see the photos and context in question.

My reproduction:

I took the below image and pinched - prodded and pulled it apart in Photoshop to create my fake.

Click to enlarge:

As for the other images? They are grainy and blurry and there's not any real information there to make a definite judgement either way.

Special thanks to "goose" - good eye!

-Steve Douglass

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