Monday, September 20, 2010

The Interceptors Club now on Smashwords for only 1.00!

As some of you may know, I have written a novel called "The Interceptors Club and the Secret of the Black Manta.

It is loosely based on my many years of actual experience "stealth chasing" for publications such as Aviation Week & Space Technology Magazine,Popular Science and Aircraft Illustrated.

My goal is to get a entirely new generation interested in what we love. It's a big book - 850 pages and has taken me almost 4 years to complete it. I wanted to offer (to both adults and tweens) and alternative to Harry Potter and other magical-dragons and flood of vampire books out there.

An almost final draft of the manuscript has been posted on Smashwords and you can read it for the small sum of 100 pennies.

I'd offer it for free - but I have to pay a cut to Smashwords for publishing it online.

I've arranged for a coupon at that takes the price down from $3.99 to one dollar. All I ask is if you do read it please leave me a review on Smashwords.

My hope is that it will be discovered-make it into print and make it possible (monetarily) to write two sequels with the final book's resolution taking place inside Area 51.

Consider this sneak peak inside (what I hope) will be a cool trilogy of books about the black world.
IMPORTANT: On checkout (at Smashwords) use the coupon code: KM92E

Don't wait because this is a limited time deal - and expires by the end of the day tomorrow CDT.

So you don't have an e-book reader? No problem - it is available in many formats including Adobe pdf so you can read it on your PC or Mac. Keep in mind this is a self-published and self-edited draft of the book and there will be some typos.

I hope you like it.

-Steve Douglass


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