Thursday, June 3, 2010

Today's excerpt from The Interceptors Club and the Secret of the Black Manta


Excalibur sat on the runway, engines running at idle.

Static looked at it through the spotting scope.

“It’s just sitting there.” Freaks said. “Why aren’t they putting it in the air?”

“They can’t. They know if they crash it - - it’s the end for them.”

“What are they going to do?

As Static watched Excalibur he saw something that gave him an idea.

Slowly the cockpit transparency opened.

“Oh my gosh look!” Static said. Do you see what I see?”

“Sure do, bro. What do we do?”

Static thought about it for about a half a second, the answer to their problem suddenly as clear as the blue sky above.

“If I can get down there without being seen, I can get in the cockpit and set the remote frequency to our channel so we can control it.” Static said.

Freaks didn’t like the idea of leaving their safe place on the mesa.

“I don’t know. Someone could see you and then what?”

Static knew he had to do something. Something Harley had said kept running through his brain: “The Universe provides. This was that moment. He had to seize it. There was no other choice.

Clipping his walkie-talkie to his belt, he rose and left his protective cover on the mesa.

“Cover me’ He shouted to Freaks. If you see anyone coming - holler at me on the walkie.” Static said as he began to make his way toward Excalibur.

Freaks knew better then to try and change his mind. Although he knew he was taking a risk, he also knew the risk was greater if they did not act.

Freaks picked up his radio and keyed the microphone.

“Thunderpants Base, Static is making his way to the lady. The hatch is open and he thinks he can set the frequency for Remote Control so we can pinch her.”

Convair came on the line immediately.

“No!” his anger spilled out of the radio. “It’s too risky. I told you guys to stay back!”

“Sorry boss. It’s too late. He’s half way there.” Freaks replied.


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