Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today's excerpt from The Interceptors Club and the Secret of the Black Manta

>After a brief ceremony where speeches were made and a band played, the Secretary was ushered over to a reviewing stand.

A Black Hawk helicopter lifted off from the tarmac and disappeared, beginning a low sweep of the mountain ranges to the south.

When Stallion security seemed to be satisfied that there were no prying eyes about, the hangar door slowly opened.

“This has got to be the big unveiling.” Static said.

“Remember everything, every line.” Caysi told.

Suddenly the tip of the aircraft, like the point of a spear, could be seen slowly protruding from the now open hangars. Caysi took a quick glimpse at the assembled crowd of dignitaries and they were all applauding.

And then they could see it.

Caysi looked at Static. He was holding the binoculars so tight that his hands were shaking.

She reached out and steadied them.

“Wow. Pinch me. I have never seen a design so — so perfect.” Static said.

Caysi couldn’t resist and pinched him on the elbow. To her surprise he didn’t react.

“Look how smooth it is. Doesn’t look like something humans could build.”

A very sleek and perfectly-black arrow-shaped aircraft taxied out onto the main runway.

Static studied the lines closely. It looked perfectly seamless, no rivets or joints could be seen, as if it was sculpted from the blackest piece of flat slate.

It was instantly clear this aircraft was light years ahead of the clunky hardware, Static was used to seeing on the ramp at Holloman.

“You seeing this? Can you remember this?” Static asked Caysi.

“How could I not? It’s etched in my mind like granite.”<


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