Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today's excerpt from The Interceptors Club and the Secret of the Black Manta

>Pepper listened intently trying to memorize the General’s descriptions for his report to his handlers.

“Existing stealth aircraft, such as the F-117 and B-2 bomber, use conventional flaps for control that can degrade their radar signatures. It was the goal of Project Senior High to create an entire shape-shifting aircraft that can be mold itself into the best non-radar-reflecting shape, and yet still be configurable for any mission we can imagine.”

“You said its’ roots are from a foreign craft?” Pepper asked intrigued.

“Forget I ever said that, son. I said something you weren’t cleared to hear.”

The General continued his description of the program, quick to gloss over his mistake, but it was out there, hanging in the air - impossible to forget.

“To quote the mission specifications, in the long-term our goal was to create a spy and attack aircraft that can physically change it's shape from a small delta shape (perfect for high speed) into a longer less-swept-winged-craft, capable of low-speed loitering, for dropping precision-bombs or for long endurance spy-missions over a target area.”

“Uh huh.” Pepper said seemingly not paying much attention to the General’s description of the program, obviously distracted by the aircraft’s radical looks.

“As a result, the mastering of the ability to morph aircraft structures can heavily influence future aircraft in system performance characteristics, such as, turning radius, endurance, payload, and maximum velocity, among others.”

Pepper walked around Excalibur, taking her in as the General rambled on.

“The goal of the Excalibur is to create and advance enabling technologies and ultimately design, build, and demonstrate a seamless, aerodynamically efficient, aerial vehicle capable of radical shape change."

Pepper thought about what the General was saying for a moment, digesting the importance.

“You understand any of that Adam?”

“Of course – Paul.”

“In layman’s terms the aircraft is flexible and smart, and can change shape to decrease radar signature and allow it to morph or change itself into many types of flying configurations as dictated by the mis-sion. When it drops it bombs, it can shape itself into a fast moving dart, able to get out of enemy territory much faster than when it came in. It can become a spy plane a bomber or even a fighter at the flick of a switch.”

The General was convinced. “You’ve got it son.”<


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