Monday, June 7, 2010

CIA Oxcart History FOIA online.

Download it while you can folks, and save it as a pdf or print it out.

SR-71 expert D.F. alerted us to this CIA FOIA document detailing the Oxcart program. Especially noteworthy is the first mention (admission) that the toxic chemical cesium was used in JP-7 fuel, which may have has caused sicknesses, cancers and possibly deaths among workers exposed through daily contact.



According to D.F. "Now that we know it was a basic part of the aircraft's design and Lockheed's management boast about it in their books, maybe we should find out for sure before we start spraying this stuff in our atmosphere and exposing more people.

May 25, 2010, The Air Force announces a successful launch of it's newest X-Plane, The X-51A Space Attack Vehicle. The first aircraft to use JP-7 since the SR-71 Blackbirds."

In any event - the document is a revealing look at the history of the Oxcart program.


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