Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today's excerpt from The Interceptors Club and the Secret of the Black Manta

>So why put a pilot in it at all? Why even have the option of configuring it to fly under manned control?” Pepper asked hoping he impressed the General.

“Because there are some things that computers just don’t do well. Humans can still see things, especially during the haze of combat that robot brains have the tendency to ignore. Subtle things, like being able to tell a hospital from a munitions factory, things that we can’t tell from a spy satellite-photo. We think that being able to configure it from a manned to an unmanned craft can give us the best of both worlds.”

“She’s beautiful sir.” Pepper said as he looked down on Excalibur.

“Take a good look at her son, for it’s the last time you’ll see her.”


“Excalibur is only here for some standard maintenance that we can’t perform at Stallion. Tonight, under cover of darkness we fly her back and put her under wraps until pilot training is complete, then she’ll fly at night on the range against various radars to check her radar signatures. There are too many loose tongues here at Holloman. She’ll be more secure at Stallion.”


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