Thursday, May 20, 2010

Excerpt: The Interceptors Club & The Secret of the Black Manta

As Caysi took her hands off her ears she only heard the slight whine of what sounded like an electric motor, not even as loud as an automobile passing.

The aircraft lightly touched down and slowed to a slow roll, almost walking-speed.

“I’m in an extremely excited emotional state!” Meinrad said.

Normally the Interceptors would have laughed at Mein-rad’s strange way of expressing himself, but they were too transfixed on the mystery craft that had just blown their hair back.

The Interceptors watched as the black shape turned on to a pad just off the main taxiway and stopped.

It sat there for thirty seconds and very unexpectedly began to sink into the earth. It took the Junior Inter-ceptors a few seconds to realize it was on an elevator and was being lowered into an underground chamber.

Once the craft was below ground the base came back to life as the runway lights and security lights blazed back on.

Caysi looked at Meinrad, Static, Sami and Freaks. They all stood there silent wearing the same look of amaze-ment.

Then Caysi realized she was wearing it too. She was hooked. She was now one of them, an Interceptor.

“What the heck did we just see? Freaks spoke breaking the silence.

“My guess? Something we weren’t supposed to.” Static said.

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