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Second Russian Stealth Frigate In Works

Second Russian Stealth Frigate In Works: " Maxim Pyadushkin writes:

The Severnaya Verf shipyard in St Petersburg officially laid down the second Project 22350 frigate for the Russian Navy on November 26. The ship was named Admiral Flota Kasatonov. The first frigate of the class - Admiral Flota Sovetskogo Soyuza Gorshkov – has been under construction at Severnaya Verf since 2006.

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Kasatonov laid down on November 26 (UIC)

The Gorshkov class will be the first fully stealthy Russian frigates, with their superstructures shaped to reduce radar cross-section. The 130 m-long frigates will have a displacement of 4500 tons and a range of more than 4000 miles.

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Kasatonov side view (UIC)

According to unofficial information, the Gorshkov class will be fitted with modular vertical missile launchers capable of firing two types of antiship missiles:  the P-800 (SSN-N-26) Oniks, a supersonic weapon related to the Russian-Indian BrahMos, and the diverse Club family. The Navy says that the frigates are designed for both littoral and blue-water operations.

United Industrial Corporation, the shipyard’s parent company, says that the Gorskhov will enter service in 2011. (Earlier this year, Russian Navy commander Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky promised that the new ship would be at the 2011 Maritime Defense Show in St Petersburg.) The Kasatonov is to follow in 2012.

The Navy has discussed plans to acquire 20 Gorshkov frigates, but the production rate will depend on funding. All of the ships are to be built at Severnaya Verf, which is also building the Navy’s Project 20380 stealth corvettes.


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