Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Situation Room ...KitchComm

I have had many people e-mail me and ask me to take a gander at "KitchComn" my home-based communications center where I monitor the world via the airwaves and the digital waves. It all flows in through many electric pipes and its recorded, sifted and then distributed to various news (local and national) agencies.

Via my computer-controlled monitoring post I listen in to local and international police, public safety, military, satellite, aviation and emergency frequencies and send out "bots" over the Internet also searching for breaking news.

But for a better description- visit the link below.


-Steve Douglass

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Echo-1 said...

Your blog is great!
An excellent collection of up to date information for the enthusiast. Your theme is well thought out and right up my ally.

We citizens have the right and the responsibility to keep abreast of the technological matters of our government agencies. While I'm not too keen on physically encroaching our military installations as some of the other sites on the web, I do respect the efforts and skills in monitoring them within legal means.

Your hobby, not only keeps us informed but also helps keep our agencies up to date in their preparedness and data collection security procedures.

Another site I found that you can post links to your blog is-
It is a "Very Open Minded" blog so to speak and has a wide variety of topics.

I know how much time and effort it takes to make a blog like yours and I am posting a link to it on my site. Keep up the good work,


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