Sunday, October 4, 2009

USAF Taps CAP Volunteers For Green Flag Support

USAF Taps CAP Volunteers For Green Flag Support: "

Predator and Reaper UAV units are a hot commodity these hot that troops training in Green Flag exercises for deployments have to rely on simulations of the General Atomics UAV systems as they learn to work with the real-time video imagery of potential targets.

Air Combat Command, working with Joint Forces Command, recently launched a program to fit two CAP Cessna 182s with a Predator ball, and to train CAP pilots -- volunteers, and civilians -- to fly missions mimicking Predators during exercises. The first group of 18 pilots started training in mid-September. They, in turn, will train dozens more CAP crews.

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And to think...two decades ago when I was a CAP cadet, we were excited to go work on a downed aircraft search. Sign me up!


(Via Ares.)

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