Monday, September 14, 2009

I got buzzed - again.

Does my apartment just happen to lie under a new (unmarked) test flight operations area or (and i can't help but wonder) do they know an aviation photographer lives at my GPS coordinates and is always ready to take a portrait of these amazing aircraft/hybrid helicopters?

This afternoon about 2:PM I heard the familiar sound of an V-22 Osprey.

I see them in the pattern a lot since they are built out at the Bell/Textron plant on the east side of Amarillo.

Thing is, I live 12 miles from the plant and no where near their usual flight test areas, but lately they have been flying very low (and in tight circles) right over my abode in SW Amarillo.

When they do their circles, it seems my place is located right in the very center of things.

Today they came over very low (below a thousand feet) and did three circles allowing me enough time to grabb my camera and make a few shots.

When an Osprey is circling over one's apartment, you jolly-well know it because the whole place vibrates. I noticed other inhabitants sticking their heads out to see what was causing all the clamor.

Some seemed to be peeved, but some thought it was cool. I lean heavily toward the cool side.

Keep it up guys!

-Steve Douglass

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