Saturday, August 22, 2009

Warplanes set record over Afghanistan

Warplanes set record over Afghanistan: "Fighters and bombers over Afghanistan set a one-day record for close-air support sorties on Wednesday, Air Forces Central Command numbers show.The warplanes flew 94 sorties above Afghanistan, according to the daily airpower summary. Also flown were 33 reconnaissance sorties. The same day over Iraq, only 30 close-air support missions were flown.A year ago, warplanes typically flew 50 to 70 sorties a day for Afghanistan missions.The increase came as Afghanistan prepared for its national election Thursday and coalition troops pushed against insurgents in eastern and southern Afghanistan.Helping drive up the numbers was recent addition of an F-16 squadron to Bagram Air Force Base, already home to F-15Es. Also flying missions were A-10s out of Kandahar Air Base, B-1Bs bombers launching from al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, and carrier-based Navy F/A-18s.On at least three missions, aircraft dropped guided bombs and on three other missions flew strafing runs."

(Via Air Force Times - News.)

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