Monday, July 27, 2009

C-5 crew had no idea wheels were missing

C-5 crew had no idea wheels were missing: "CHICOPEE, Mass. — The military says the crew of a huge C-5 transport plane did not realize that two wheels had fallen off during a training flight in western Massachusetts until after they were alerted by an air traffic controller.The 150-pound wheels were recovered from a wooded area of Belchertown, about 20 miles from Springfield.The plane landed safely Thursday at Westover Air Reserve Base, Mass., after the incident.Lt. Col. David Heroux told The Republican of Springfield on Friday that an investigation to determine what caused the wheels to fall off could take up to a month.A spokeswoman for the nation’s largest air reserve base says maintenance policies require that the plane be inspected and serviced by five maintenance workers for about 90 minutes before a flight.Related reading* Tires fall off C-5 landing gear while in flight"

(Via Air Force Times - News.)

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