Friday, May 22, 2009

WOOPS: Wrong Video of the Sejil-2 Launch

WOOPS: Wrong Video of the Sejil-2 Launch: "

You can't blame the US-based Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance and some news outlets too much for the small snafu. The Iranians have had a bad track record in the area of truth in advertising.

MDAA posted this video, allegedly of the Sejil-2 launch May 20 by Iran. But, as you can see, the plume is quite erratic, denoting a problem in the missile's flight.'

The May 20 test, by contrast, has been hailed as a success, even by US defense officials, who say the missile was produced in Iran. This is a significant step in Tehran's ballistic missile ambitions, they say.

Below is what really should be a pic of the Sejil-2 launch May 20.


blog post photo


source: UPI/Landov Photos


(Via Ares.)

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