Monday, March 30, 2009

Tu-95 close up (short video)

Tu-95 close up (short video): "

Russia’s decision to fly long-range missions with its air force has yielded some very nice photos. Now, thanks to the Danish air force, we also have a nice video (even if a only a short one):

The Tu-95 was video was taken yesterday. The Danes were at Keflavik air base, where they are on a NATO rotation. For NATO pilots, it’s become the preferred place for Tu-95 spotting.

Two Danish F-16s were involved in the meeting.

There’s been a slew of these encounters in recent months. Here’s a snapshot:

The Eurofighter Typhoon also has had its close-up moment with the Tu-95 Bear.

As has the F-22.

As has the Mirage 2000.


(Via Ares.)

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