Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pop Mech Article on UFO myths.

in Popular Mechanics ( March issue) this month there is an excellent cover story by my friend and fellow writer Phil Patton.

I'm not just saying it is excellent because I am quoted within, but because it is a well researched piece, exploring the current UFO myths and in particular the recent Stephenville, Texas UFO sighting.

True Believers will hate it, but Interceptors will concur, that most of what UFO buffs are seeing, are most likely the products of a even more mysterious world known as the Black World.

Some of these "UFOs" are being flown by little green men - but by "men" - I do mean humans wearing OD green flight suits.

In any event, its a good read and I hope you buy a copy.

-Steve Douglass

PM Investigates: UFO Myths
Glowing orbs
Strings of lights
Odd Phenomena
- what's really behind the new sightings.

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