Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Calling All Subs

Calling All Subs: "

The U.S. Navy is going to take advantage of'space to communicate deep underwater. The'Navy awarded Lockheed Martin a $35.8 million contract Feb. 2 to design and produce antenna buoy systems that will expand communications capabilities of submarines while they're submerged.


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The Navy's Communications at Speed and Depth (CSD) program will use expendable submarine and air-launched communications buoys to enable submarines operating below periscope depth and at tactical speeds to communicate with surface ships and land-based assets via satellite networks.


Under the contract, an industry team headed by Lockheed Martin will develop three types of comms buoys: 2 sub-launched tethered buoys that provide real-time chat, data transfer and email capabilities via either Iridium or UHF satellites and an untethered, acoustic-to-radio frequency gateway buoy that can be launched from a sub or maritime patrol aircraft to enable two-way data transfer between a submerged sub and surface assets.

Image: US Navy


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