Monday, November 10, 2008

Slice of History?

Slice of History?: "

Fancy supporting history by buying a piece of it? The Flight Test Historical Foundation is selling parts of the original main runway at Edwards AFB to raise funds to support the development of the Air Force Flight Test Center (AFFTC) Museum and the museum's Blackbird Airpark Annex at USAF Plant 42 in nearby Palmdale.

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McDonnell Douglas Advanced Medium STOL Transport demonstrator (and C-17 forerunner), the latest exhibit on display at Edwards AFB. (US Air Force photo)

Thin aggregate coasters made from core samples taken from the original 1954-built main runway (04/22), are on sale for $21.75. The 15,000ft long runway has just been re-opened after a $114 million re-build but a slice of the famous original could be yours.

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Coaster and certificate of authenticity displayed by Foundation helper Beth Hagenauer (photo: Guy Norris)'


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(Photo: Guy Norris)

By the way, the small print cautions the coasters can be fragile - but can be easily repaired using superglue - presumably never an option for the actual runway!


(Via Ares.)

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