Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Maybe not, Herr Obama

Maybe not, Herr Obama: "U.S.president-elect Barack Obama has made it clear he'wants Europe to do more to help out in Afghanistan, and, while still campaigning, used a visit to Berlin to call on Germany in particular to step up its efforts. 'But German defense minister Franz Josef Jung now signals that the Obama should not be expecting too much, or much more at all.'Jung told German television that German troops would continue to be deployed only in northern Afghanistan.'
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'(credit: Bundeswehr)
'Although Germany has suffered combat losses, the northern region is considered far safer than the south. '

The one area Germany may do more is increasing its effort to build up the Afghan National Army. Jung also suggests Europe may together find areas to do more.'


There's another reason Obama shouldn't expect Germany to do much more, something he should understand only too well: election politics. Germany is due for'a general election next year and deploying more troops isn't a vote winner in the country.


(Via Ares.)

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