Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bomb fragment strikes truck outside Nellis

By Bruce Rolfsen - Staff writer Air Force Times
Posted : Thursday Oct 16, 2008 14:05:21 EDT

Yes, an Air Force bomb struck a truck Wednesday in Las Vegas.

An Air Force fighter, for reasons under investigation, released a 25-pound BDU-33 training bomb that hit the ground just inside the boundary of Nellis Air Force Base, Nev. The nonexplosive bomb broke apart and a “piece” of the bomb bounced into a truck traveling on Las Vegas Boulevard near the intersection of Beasley Boulevard, near the north side of the base.

No one was injured. There was no word from Nellis or police officials about damage to the truck.

It is not uncommon for practice bombs to fall off Air Force jets. In March, a BDU-33 fell from an F-16 over Tulsa, Okla., striking an apartment building. In January 2007, a training bomb flying on an A-10 fell into a South Korean factory. And in January 2004, a BDU-33 fell from an F-15E and into an English industrial area. No one was injured in the accidents.

Mistaken bomb drops typically are caused by malfunctioning bomb racks or incorrect installation of the bombs.

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