Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Iran releases "RQ-170" video recovered from downed stealth drone.

Editors note: Although the video looks authentic showing what looks like the RQ-170 landing at a forward American base (complete with temporary US military pre-fab hangars and a SOF C-130 ) it doesn't necessarily mean Iran has the capability to un-encrypt video feeds or the video stored on board the drone.

The footage shows video during the landing cycle (local radio-controlled link) and not the video usually uplinked via military satellite, which is encrypted. 

 None the less - it does show that Iran is making considerable strides (probably with help from China) dissecting data found on the almost completely intact RQ-170 drone and highlights severe vulnerabilities which are most likely being addressed in future UAV designs.

 How about building in a self-destruct mechanism guys!

Note the addition of a dramatic sound track and stock  footage of another drone (not the RQ-170) and satellite photos (most likely Google Earth)  in this obvious propaganda video, aimed at sticking a thumb in the eye of the Pentagon.

UPDATE: I was able to match up a video still with a Google Earth image of Kandahar Air Base:

VIDEO STILL showing temporary drone shelters, Predator Drone (far left) and what looks like an Avenger  Predator (C)  in the foreground. You can also see the antenna array for (local) control of drone takeoff, landing and taxiing.

Avenger (Predator C) 

The footage also matches this video taken of drone operations at Kandahar Air Base - the shelters and buildings match. Now I just have to verify that the video is not footage from another type of drone.

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