Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Track North Korea's Mystery Satellite in real time!

Orbital elements have been published for North Korea's KWANGMYONGSONG 3 satellite that was launched today and condemned by the Obama administration as provocative.

If you’re so inclined, you can actually track that satellite’s precise location at the Web site The Kwangmyongsong-3 Unit 2 satellite (its name, which means “bright star,” comes from a Chinese-language poem by founding North Korean leader Kim Il Sung. 
The satellite has a reported orbital period of 96 minutes, meaning that it will circle the Earth in about the time it takes to watch “Team America: World Police.” 
Lets's all go out and blind it with a laser - shall we? 
Two Line Elements: 
1 39026U 12072A 12347.74205676 .00132649 00000-0 79618-2 0 63
2 39026 097.4079 036.6613 0060008 169.7339 190.5082 15.08803122 101

NORAD ID: 39026
Int'l Code: 2012-072A 
Perigee: 505.5 km 
Apogee: 588.5 km 
Inclination: 97.4 ° 
Period: 95.4 minutes 
Semi major axis: 6917 km 
Launch dateDecember 12, 2012 
Source: (NKOR) 
Comments: KWANGMYONGSONG 3 is a North Korean Earth "observation" satellite, which according to the DPRK is designed for weather forecast purposes, and whose launch is widely portrayed in the West to be a veiled ballistic missile test.

Here's a LINK to track it in real time.

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