Sunday, December 11, 2011

Iran planning Show & Tell with captured RQ-170 drone

Russian and Chinese experts appealed to Iranian authorities asking them to give access to the shot down US drone, wrote on Thursday, the Iranian newspaper The Tehran Times citing an informed source at Iran's armed forces. It is also possible, the newspaper continues, that the UAV will be on display, "Interfax".

As reported by the newspaper VIEW, according to media reports, American downed Iranian military reconnaissance aircraft invisible CIA used to gather information on Iranian nuclear facilities, as well as the training camps of militants "of Hezbollah."

On Tuesday it was announced that the U.S. spy plane RQ-170 performed the task of American intelligence, but the nature of the device was not specified. Earlier, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby expressed concern that Iran's military might to seize the data about the secret techniques of the American UAVs. On Sunday, Iranian television channel Press-TV spread the information that the Iranian air defense forces in the east downed U.S. drone aircraft.

The coalition of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (ISAF) later said that the drone, the destruction of which on Sunday said Iran could be lost during the last week in the job in Afghanistan.

According to military analyst Vladislav Shurygin: "Management of UAV is its main vulnerable heel. To communicate with control centers, and managed, UAVs must have "thick" radio channels, which are protected from external influence is extremely difficult. They can score a noise, but this is the most primitive solution.

Much more serious option is to capture anti-UAV control. To do this, to break the encryption system and the control signals, drowning out the signal control center, to take control of the UAV to its signal. "


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